Vermont Quilt Festival 2017

Mom and I have been going to this every year since 2011 (we think!). Mom and Dad moved back to Massachusetts from Vegas in 2010 so we believe the yearly pilgrimage started in 2011. Regardless, the festival in Essex Junction, VT was this past Saturday and, per usual, it did not disappoint.

I don’t usually go there with any sort of a plan in my head as to what I am looking for at the vendor booths but most years I end up gravitating towards something specific and this year it was totes. The funny thing is that I don’t generally carry any kind of a pocketbook and I’m not that great at making them. Nonetheless I was drawn to tote and pocketbook patterns this year and came home with not only a few patterns but also the fabric to make them. Pics to come later.

Mom and I are always so reinvigorated when we come home from the Quilt show. Here are photos of some of our favorites that were on display this year. And yes, someone actually quilted a picture of Adam Levine’s face. Amazing, am I right?? According to the card, the quilter uploaded a picture of Adam to a website called It takes a picture that you upload and digitizes it, then creates a pattern for you to quilt it. This could be a game changer, folks.  😉

Until next time,
Melissa, Peggie and Suz

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