Fabric Addiction!

Have you ever had a hobby that got a little bit out of control? Maybe you started off by having your hobby set up in a corner of a room, then it grew and took up half a room, then a whole room, then the closet outside of that room…you see where I am going with this! Well, one might say that the ladies of MomCat Quilts have a hobby that has grown out of control. When you are a quilter you have a lot of “Stuff”. And I’m not even talking about having a long-arm machine…we all quilt on our little machines. By “Stuff” I mean notions and batting and interfacing and…oh, yes…fabric. By definition, we all have a fabric addiction!

Each of us has our own dedicated sewing room (we are lucky!!) and each of us has our very own stash of fabric. When I first started quilting 3 years ago I had no stash at all. My sewing room was quite sparse, in fact; an ironing board, a cutting table and a table for my machine. All of my “Stuff” had a home and everything was neat and in its place. Things sure have changed A LOT in three years. LOL

Just for fun here are some pics of our stashes!

Here is PART of Mom’s stash


My stash! A huge bureau plus more in the closet!




Until next time!

Melissa, Peggie and Suz